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To register for the database, simply fill out the form below and read and agree the Terms & Conditions and the Code of Conduct. Once you have done this, your form will be sent to Encompass for approval. If approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your log-in details. This  will allow you to edit your profile. This can take up to five working days.

IMPORTANT: you will be required to go through a recruitment process. 

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Declaration of criminal convictions

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N.B. Because of the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and subsequent amendments. Applicants are not entitled therefore to withhold information about convictions which, for other purposes, are ‘spent’ under the provisions of the Act. Any information given will be completely confidential.

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Proof of identity and entitlement to work in the United Kingdom

You must provide evidence of identification e.g. Passport, Birth Certificate, National Identity Card (Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree, if applicable) if you are offered employment.


Please provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two people, who are not family members, who are willing to act as referees. One referee should be your most recent employer. Please state your relationship to referees
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General Data Protection Regulation

This application will be shared with prospective employers.
Your application information is required to determine your suitability for the position applied for. Encompass may retain your information for future reference.

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Terms and Conditions

1. General

When you register to the PA Database you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions may vary from time to time and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them. No other terms and conditions shall apply or have any effect on their applicability of these terms and conditions.

Encompass will strive to ensure the availability of this Database however, allowance for system failure or maintenance may be beyond our control.

2. Service

Encompass provides a web based PA Database enabling its users to interactively have more control of their own recruitment or employment (Meaning PA employers looking to recruit PA/PA’s). To achieve this, Encompass provides a website whereby PA’s can register and make their own profile by providing information about themselves that they feel comfortable sharing. Each database user understands and agrees that Encompass has no involvement concerning matching users to other users: Encompass is only responsible for providing the facility for one party to communicate with the other and providing support with “safe recruitment"(“safe recruitment” being a safe and legal process of recruiting potential staff – guidelines provided by Encompass).

3. Joining Personal Assistants:

A PA is able to apply by filling out the online form on the website. This application will be approved by Encompass before becoming available on the database. Log in details will be provided sent via email to the PA by Encompass. Once approval is granted, a PA can use their log in details to edit their profiles when required. It is the responsibility of the PA (on either tier) to ensure that the information on their profile is correct and truthful. It is the choice of the PA as to how much or how little information they provide on their profile.

PA Employers:

PA employers can fill in a short online form on the website in order to submit their interest in viewing the database. Encompass will be notified of this submission. Once Encompass grant permission log in details shall be emailed to the PA employer to then be used to access the database and view PA profiles.

4. Our Responsibility

Encompass will respect the information provided by members and will comply with all applicable data protection legislation in force in Scotland. If a PA indicates in their profile that they are willing to provide emergency cover, they will have gone through the recruitment process that is endorsed by Encompass, including PVG checks, reference checks and interviews.

5. Your Responsibility PA Employers:

It is recommended that PA employers follow the “Recruitment Steps” set out by Encompass to ensure “safe recruitment” happens. You also agree tha age, gender or ethnicity data or any other such information provided by an applicant will not be used in any employment-related decision you make.


You are responsible for any information that you give which must be specific and relate to your current situation. You are solely responsible for keeping your Profile user name and password confidential and Encompass take no responsibility in this.

6. Profiles

All contents of PA profiles are subject to Encompass approval. Encompass reserves the right to remove any users profile at any time if it is believed to be inappropriate or illegal. It is the responsibility of the PA to ensure all information on your profile is truthful and accurate.

Encompass may deactivate the accounts of any users who have not used the service for a period of 12 months or more (calculated by the date of last connection to the service).

7. Privacy

PA Employers who register to the Encompass PA Database, will have access to personal information belonging to PAs. It is important that this information is not shared or used inappropriately. Information shall not be shared with inappropriate sources. Only those who have registered to the Database and Encompass staff, are deemed as appropriate.

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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct defines the requirements of personal assistants (PA) working within the Encompass PA Database. These standards should ensure that PAs are equipped to deliver good quality services to employers also using the database.

By complying with these standards, PAs are agreeing to be committed to operating fairly and providing a high standard of service at all times and only deliver services in which they are qualified, experienced and sufficiently competent to carry out. PAs must comply with all legislation that applies to their activities whilst employed. Rights and Values As a PA you must:

  • Treat people as individuals
  • Respect and promote the individual views and wishes
  • Supporting people’s right to control their lives and make informed choices
  • Respect and maintain the dignity and privacy of individuals
  • Promote equal opportunities for individuals
  • Respect diversity and different cultures and values
Confidentiality As a PA, you must strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of the person you are working for. This includes:
  • Being honest and trustworthy
  • Communicating in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way
  • Respecting confidential information
  • Being reliable and dependable
  • Honouring work commitments, agreements and arrangements
You must not:
  • Abuse, neglect, exploit or harm your employer
  • Abuse the trust of your employer, or the access you have to personal information about them, their property, home or workplace
  • Share information inappropriately
  • Form an inappropriate relationship with your employer
  • Behave in a way which would call into question your suitability to work as a Personal Assistant
You MUST notify your employer if
  • You are the subject of any criminal investigation
  • You incur any driving penalties or you are involved in a road traffic accident where you are the driver and could be at fault
  • Your circumstances change and you are no longer available to work the hours stated on your profile
  • You have any other information which may affect your ability or suitability to work as a Personal Assistant
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I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information on this form is accurate and that I have not omitted any facts which may have any bearing on my application.
I confirm that I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.
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